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I Don't Do Nice
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23rd-Mar-2008 - Salvation meets Machete
Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo. Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas sit aspernatur aut odit aut fugit, sed quia consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione voluptatem sequi nesciunt. Neque porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quia non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt ut labore et dolore magnam aliquam quaerat voluptatem. Ut enim ad minima veniam, quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit laboriosam, nisi ut aliquid ex ea commodi consequatur? Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem eum fugiat quo voluptas nulla pariatur?
Just when you thought you were safe from douchebagery - GreatestJournal, for mystical, inexplicable reasons, has limited their available icon slots from 1000, to 100... to 10. Ten. Effing ten! There's nothing official explaining the cause to my satisfaction, but some are pegging it on atmospheric phenomenon... Good luck to me in picking ten facial expressions to cover the full gauntlet for Onikins, or any other character I might want to play. Fanfuckingtastic. 
7th-Nov-2007 - Le Shudder
Today I was reminded that "Role-Playing" can have a plethora of hidden meanings, whilst searching the term in LJ's interests... *shudder*
Yo Mamma said you hungry.
Can't get enough of that commercial...

Random: "That a woman like you, with your exceptionally healthy libido and your love of getting nailed, not to mention your devotion to making your man cum through the roof, should go without sex is a grave cosmic injustice... There is something not right with the universe. . .the cosmos must be mis-aligned or something to allow that to happen." This is why I love my friends.

Today(ish): Grrrah! I keep forgetting to send out my Thank-you packages! So it finally happened last week. My goddamned ceremony. It's officially over. So I get my picture taken... walk across the stage and shake the hands of people I don't know the names of... Hey, atleast one of the Deans complimented my hair (and yet, wtf?) ...Only to walk over to my assorted family members, open the envelope and find "Hi! We fucked up your degree so you're going to have to wait until we send you a corrected version when we get it sometime in mid-June! And by "mid-June" we mean June 30th, the earliest!" Or words to that effect...

Oh! And it gets better. Behind that lovely form is another sheet certifying the satisfactory completion of requirements by... John. B. Thomas, also known as Not-Even-Close-To-Being-ME. So I return Johnny's slip to some Dean or other, thinking that, you know, he might just want that. And fume. And, counting this moment, rant. But hey, it could be worse, right? Atleast they noticed that they messed it up. *sigh*  TT . TT

More Random(!): Two posts today. Three if I can post in "Snakes in the Grass", the muse of which has somewhat eluded me. Wooot, DM! Yes, I'm Awesome! XD
14th-Apr-2007 - Foreboding
It's funny what I do and don't remember... For instance, the empty lots around my old neighborhoods in Detroit and Hamtramck. I remember... that there was a massive stump from a massive tree in the 3 by 6ft 'yard' in front of our house. I must have been six or younger when they cut it down. I remember that night very clearly. I don't know why, but it was very late when they did it and they let me watch. They had to clear off all the branches first. They had to tell everyone not to park on the street, so the limbs or trunk didn't land on anyone's car. I don't know how they managed to keep it from falling on and damaging anyone's house; it was that big. Something about cutting it in a certain direction.

Odd, though, that I don't remember the house that occupied the empty lot next to our house before it was empty. There used to be one. I can't recall a single thing about it. Not the way it looked. Not the reason it got torn down. Just that one day there was a house and the next day there wasn't. It's like that with all the empty lots - on the street in Detroit that my Grandfather, god rest his soul, used to live on. It's more empty lots than houses now. I don't remember the houses from those lots. Just that houses used to be there. With one exception: my Grandfather's house is now one of those empty lots. After he died, the city of Detroit condemned it and it was destroyed. That one I can remember.

Lately, all of my dreams have been set in Detroit.  Cast with people I met here, but always set in Detroit. I wish I knew why.
10th-Apr-2007 - Interview with the Oni
Five Finger Discount from llesnouh  
Ask questions about some of my characters/NPC's. You can specify whether or not you want the question answered OOC by me, as the DM/creator {FireChild of TRB}, or IC, as if the characters themselves were posed the questions. Or perhaps even both, for shits and giggles. Be careful of what you ask, you may end up with more spoilers than you wanted if you're playing with any of these characters.

001. Akhom, S_n of the Aten
002. Akiro - Aku - Aku of the Mountain
003. Balrog Brothers
004. Burnar
005. Ibram of Halaal
006. Ikusura, Progenitor
007. Kukichuyo, son of Kazuo
008. Ogun, Father of Fire
009. Rashid Mansouri
010. Shinigami - Shyahaima
011. Skelos, the Seer
012. High Priest Yutang
013. Zabibi
014. Zaia
*You may ask questions about characters not listed here, but understand that there's a high chance my response will be "Not telling".

Osiris - Usire
Sekhmet - Sakhmet
*Same applies.


What the bloody hell is up with this weather? It's been consistently cold for the last bloody week! Guess I'm just in a mood to gripe...

Ah, where to begin... I suppose I'll start with the most pertinent. I got my blood tests back today. The doctor, one of the kindest I've been through, was decent enough to try to break the news gently. The results were not good. And my health is fading. Stress related, they say. Worse I feel, worse it gets, apparently. Good news is that it's somewhat treatable, if not curable. Like my other health problems, these things won't just go away with a little pill-popping and antibiotics. Organ failure is a bitch like that. I need surgery I can't afford and, even if I get it, I'll still need medication. Possibly for the rest of my life.

This puts a whole new perspective on the idea of health for me. For most of my life, I naively believed that health consisted of diet and exercise. Ironic, now, how I envy people I know with terrible eating habits and slothful behaviours their healthy pink innards that don't go quitting on them. Let this be a lesson to anyone happening by; life as a lush will catch up to you. I've had my share of 'fun' but, boy, am I paying for it now. Paying in spades. There are some things, I suppose, I need still be grateful for. While the collicky attacks're hell, they're somewhat manageable with massive amounts of Ibuprofen. Hence why I've been able to put off treatment {yes, willingly and, recently, knowingly}. I like to think that it's my natural strength and 'hardiness' that has made this the case but I think if I can be honest with myself I know that it's simply the hand that was dealt to me. Luck, in a manner of speaking. Oh, don't get me wrong... I can't delude myself into thinking that, at the core of the matter, I'm not responsible for my illness. I am. Am I alone in that blame? No, but that doesn't excuse me. Does it sadden me? Yes... But like so many other things in life that can't be changed, I'll have to learn to deal.

On top of all this rainbow sunshine...
...I'm having difficulties with the university. It appears that, in ways I'm incapable of understanding, the fact that I'm not currently registered for classes {because I'm finished} means that I wasn't considered a candidate for graduation {because I'm finished}. If that makes sense to you then, by all means, feel free to explain because my insufferable know-it-all brain can't quite wrap around that. Me finishes requirements - unexpectedly ahead of time (yay!) - Me cannot get degree. Wtf? Not without jumping through a few hoops ass backwards. The reason I keep getting is that, without being currently registered, they have no way of tracking me. I wonder how that is... Because both of my departments {two since I'm a double major} sent in my completed senior reviews. Did they receive my reviews and say "This person isn't a student!" (insert pompous-asshole accent here) and chuck it in the trash? What other evidence, in addition to that and my diploma application, did they need to fire up the old alarm and alert them to the fact that, Hey, maybe this person isn't taking classes because (s)he is fucking FINISHED. Exactly how else are they notified? It certainly can't be that they couldn't use my student number. Registrar could use it. Health services is still using it. Student accounting sure as hell still is using it. In fact everyone BUT the academic deans seems able to access my records. Why is that? My highly intellectual brain is sensing this is because the whole situation is complete and utter bullshit.
But the Powers That Be are just that...
And I tried so hard to avoid the RUScrew...
Should have known better...

I want to take this moment to apologize to anyone who knows me and may be reading this for my apparent disappearance from the face of the planet. I hope they understand that, all things considered, I'm doing the best I can. Not being able to be on much, on the forum or on here for that matter, pains me as much if not more than it may or may not pain you. All I can say is that, god willing, this too will pass.
12th-Mar-2007 - Why Not?
From llesnouh  
Now onto other things I meant to do...

{Reminder}I really need to reorganize my entries so the account is more usable in the future.
Is there such a thing as an opposite to writer's block? Has anyone else ever had too much to say at once? Writer's flood? I've had that recently, where I keep thinking of things I want to write about... but then I end up with too much and either forget some of it, or decide to leave it alone since finding a place to start is frustrating.

Congratulations to Rutgers Anthropologist, Robert Trivers,
for receiving the Crafoord Prize (biological equivalent of the Nobel Prize). According to the Rutgers announcement, Trivers will receive his $500k grant, one of the largest awards in the scientific community, from the Queen of Sweden later this month in a ceremony that will also commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Crafoord Prize itself. Read more hereTrivers specializes in social evolution, specifically the genetic aspect of social evolution {selfish genes}, symmetry-cues, deception and self deception. He teaches social evolution and natural selection. His work has been the foundation for subsequent work, not only by anthropologists but by biologists and ecologists, and his new book,  GENES IN CONFLICT: the Biology of Selfish Genetic Elements, with great reviews, is already a staple in the personal libraries of many aspiring scientists.

Named one of the 100 most influencial thinkers of our time, Trivers has been called an "under-appreciated genius" and it is this sentiment among scientists that brings me to one of my personal memories of Trivers; That of another prestigious Rutgers anthropologist, Robert (they're all named Robert) Blumenschine when he said, jokingly, that Trivers was a living example of how big brains cost energy, since he always complains that thinking big thoughts all the time makes him tired. XD

Lastly: All massive department-wide gossip aside, I'm glad to hear of Triver's award not because of his influential research, nor due to some deluded sense of reflected glory, but because of his self-appointed duty to attend a yearly farse of an event, which shall remain unnamed, patiently wading through the boo-hiss of the ignoramus in the hopes that his instructing will reach even one student - and bring that one student a greater understanding of the science and realtiy of evolution.

Congratulations to Rutgers Women's Basketball for reaching the NCAA Final Four
, and for a great season. Proving for once that not only the big, hulking mens can have glory.
Random: Marky Mark {Mark Wahlberg} does not condone racism...
                  " On the house tip is how I'm swingin' this
                    Strictly Hip-Hop boy, I ain't singin' this
                    Bringing this to the entire nation
                    Black, white, red, brown
                    Feel the vibration

                  Marky Mark does not endorse the use of illegal substances...
Donnie D's on the back up
                    Drug free, so put the crack up
                    No need for speed
                    I'm the anti D-R-U-G-G-I-E my
                    Body is healthy
                    My rhymes make me wealthy
                    And the Funky Bunch helps me
                    To bring you a show with no intoxication
                    Come on feel the vibration
                  Marky Mark for a better tomorrow. Bad 90's Dance-Hiphop; My Antidrug.

This morning, the sun of resurrection shined its smiling rays down on my five+ year old hand-me-down system, lovingly termed Bessy, aka Ole Reliable. With only 10Gb of hard drive and 256Mb of memory, Bessy does the best she can. Alas, viruses struck at my benevolent-behemoth's vulnerable backside even as I was installing anti-virus software. Is that virus-resistant or virus-retarded? Even now, it won't commit to clensing after scanning. I think I hear the sweeter pastures of new-fangled notebooks calling me; It's time to put Bessy to pasture. It's been in prolonged death throes for quite some time now - the sound habitually craps out on me, the cd/dvd drive mercifully deigns to work on rare occasion. This newest turn of near-death in which I couldn't drag/drop, copy/paste, or access my start menu/task bar/ cd drive simply brings my hideously past due need to upgrade to a better system into achingly clear focus.

And thus my absense since Friday and glaringly obvious lack of postage. Today, however, is a new day. Determined, I rolled up my sleeves and administered life-giving CPR to my downed beast. Much later, with stringent use of safe mode and no small amount of kicking and thinly veiled threats, Bessy was back on her {albeit unsteady} feet. With any luck, I'll be posting tonight. Please kindly douse the torches and lower the "Death to the DM!" signs and flyers. If anyone in this relationship is going to snap and commit a horrific count of double homicide-suicide, I'll be damned if it isn't me.

"Can you feel it baby?
I can too
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